You are like ice cream.
Cold and sweet and enough
Something to keep me in the night when the days are long
Something that won’t cramp my conscience
That gives my arms some love to hold
For now…
Until my sweet tooth fades
Until I am forced to see you open eyed
Your kisses and your words and the way you look at me.
Feel like forever,
but would just as soon
be the death of me
If I am not too careful.

Love Reminds Us.

reminds us
of the broken
we often
in the morning

Even when we do believe…
we forget anyway
how slippery
our hands are.

How easy it is for us to
Fall and break
And break our falls
Upon our lovers
Til they are broken too.

You, my love,
Were too heavy for my own sores
I am sure you say the same for me

I am home now
And the morning
Has found me licking
My wounds alone.

But alone
Is not a terrible thing.

RW (c) 2014

Last Day.

He said,
“Welcome Back!”

The day I was fired.
And everyone knew…
tiptoeing around me
like a late night
crime scene.

one coworker of
mine turned to me
before sneaking
off for his
“cigarette break”

"Welcome back"
he said loudly,
rubbing his hands
on his chest…somewhat
drunkily before turning towards
the elevator.

Thank you,
I said.

6 years of labor,
of being told
what not to become
of being primped
and torn down…
a lowly nappy headed
unsure of her place
in corporate kiss-ass
unsure of who
she really wanted to
can now finally return.

There is a returning happening
Far into the distance
I see myself
like a geranium field
bright and lovely.
like sunlight
except setting
on me
like still waters.

And this place
could never
bring back
that kind of me.
This place
was too much
sorry for my

Thank you,
I said smiling

Back straight
Head raised

Walking out
of the door
with a quiet
to the cocoon
that has
now made
you a

jazz back.

jazz has a way of taking you back
to the one you loved
floating you on the waters of memory.
you will see in the distance
your knight in shining armor
and you will remember why
you always wanted to kiss them.

You will not remember the day you
curse their vows.
You will not care about
how angry their words
were against your

you will only remember
how perfect your
face would fit
on his chest.

You will remember
how long you
could be held
by him
falling into his
like a shooting
like autumn

the sensation
will hit your body
and the saxophone
horns will
remind you
of all the
beauty love
gave you
once ago.

(c) Rashawna Wilson 2014

Be enough to dream.

Close your eyes

Wiggle your arms out.
Spread them wide
palms flat
and fingers
sporadic like
star light.

bring them up high
flap them down low

Be a bird.
Be a
be the night sky
vast and wide
and blue.
be a sunrise
of becoming.
be powerful
and bright
be something…
know that you can be

and be
to dream.


To my first child
I will burn my cell phone for you.
I will fight the curt that my bones grit in when things do not go my way
And I will fail.
I will in some way make you miserable whether I like it or not
And you will know that I am human
And I will want you to know this
That I loved you enough to try
To not be distant from you

to love you beyond
the love shown to me
to love you into learning
how to truly love
til I am closer to God
til I treat you how
he would want
me to treat you
like a gift
like a precious gem
like his words
you are beautiful

and I cannot wait to know you.

(c) RW 2014